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The process using ice, in turn, helps to slow down the cement hydration process, which is the heat produced during concrete curing.The favourable temperature that must be maintained as concrete cures, ranges between 10 – 21ºC for the minimum required curing time.

Benefits & advantages of ICE Concrete.

  • Cooling concrete with ice is an overall fast and economical way to keep the concrete at proper temperatures.
  • The advantages of ice concreting are pretty much the opposites of the problems that were counted before. Concrete will be proper temperature far longer if the time is chosen wisely.
  • This will help the curing process and the strength loss caused by fast curing of the concrete can be avoided. That should be the main goal when building.
  • It; s good to remember that the mass that is being poured is most often quite a lot. It won’t get hot immediately if covered properly from the sun
  • When the concrete is delivered cool, it will also be easier to work with for a longer period. The slump test will also work out better.
  • If the surface of the concrete doesn’t get dry too fast, it will be less likely to crack and turn to dust. If covered properly it should work out until it’s good for wet curing